Cultural Figure Friday #2 Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

Updated: May 4, 2021

Her Majesty, the Queen is a cultural figure that people from this side of the pond either discount or follow to closely in only the scandals of the House of Windsor. An understandable viewpoint, as some of the American critics of Her Majesty and the British Monarchy as a whole is "We fought a war in 1776 to not care about what they are doing on the Island over there." I believe this misses some of the point.

Queen Elizabeth, the now longest reigning monarch in the long History of the United Kingdom has reigned over a fast changing world and has remained a steadfast reminder as to the power of duty and perseverance. From ambulance driver during the second World War to Monarch she has consistently shown grace in duty. Showing the British idea of having a stiff upper lip.

Despite an ever changing world and having a constant knack for modernization she has remained steadfast in her ability to reign. By updating old traditions, such as televising her annual Christmas address to the British people, to opening the doors of the palace to the common people she has shown grace in what others at that level of "importance" had perceived as degrading and unbecoming. Proving in a sense the equality of all men, even in monarchy.

Though limited, she does have an understanding of how to use her power, even to assist in world politics. A perfect example of this is her 1961 trip to Ghana. A President quickly consolidating power and growing closer to the soviet union during the height of the cold war was a point of concern. So the Queen did her duty. After a state visit, a dance, and a show of understanding of the position of the people and the commonwealth there was no further talks of Ghana leaving the commonwealth. This was a key point in keeping soviet influence out of Africa.

I recommend to all my readers, whenever faced with criticism to look toward the example of Her Majesty, especially when in the time of cancel culture. It would seem any time there is criticism of the crown or the family she listens to the charge, determines if it has merit, and will react accordingly. She often takes on recommendations on how to improve and where she can do better. This does not mean she is constantly apologizing or groveling. Constantly improving, asking for prayers, and seemingly showing God's grace through her power and position.

"Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms"

1 Peter 4:10





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