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Cultural Figure Friday #1, Sen. Ted Cruz

For the first official Cultural Figure Friday I have chosen one of my favorite politicians, and that is a very short list indeed. Texas Senator Ted Cruz. He has been influenced in a large part by his family seeing first hand the dangers of communism and the integrity needed to stand up to the authoritarians. His father, Raphael Cruz and his Tia Sonia both escaping the brutal regimes that have been crushing Cuba for Generations. You can hear his Tia Sonia talk about her experiences in Cuba here.

You need only listen to Ted's CPAC speech to understand his importance in the culture war. His podcast, Verdict, is an amazing insight into the issues affecting the US as they occur. Detailing the process by which the business of the senate is conducted and some of the ways the Senators are actively changing minds and making arguments to better the lives of the Americans they were elected to represent.

The Texas Senator has shown a willingness to fight for true conservative principals and a willingness to put himself at political risk to do what is right. From filibusters, to challenging election results, to simply calling out not only the democrats but also the squishes in his own party, the court jester conservatives as Michael Knowles likes to put it.

The Texas Senator is one of the people the conservative movement needs in order to breath life into the stale, disheartened movement. He often speaks to President Regan's campaigning by paining in bold colors, not pale pastels. He is the kind Republican the base has been wanting for years highlighted by 2 lines in his CPAC speech, the first being:

"There are a whole lot of voices in Washington that want to just erase the last four years, want to go back to the world before, where we had government of the lobbyist by the lobbyists for the lobbyists, where the Republicans’ compelling message was, “Republicans, we waste less.” This being the cardinal sin of the old blood of republicans, bankrupting our culture and our ideals to secure tax cuts and lower spending. We have granted the left their premise undeservedly and it is wrecking havoc on the culture and fabric of our society. The second line being:

"And mark my words, 2022 is going to be a fantastic election year, and so is 2024, as we stand together and defend liberty, defend the Constitution, defend the Bill of Rights of every American. In the immortal words of William Wallace, “Freedom!”" You need only focus on the last word of the line which was the last word of the speech which he screamed into the microphone to know exactly where he stands on the core conservative positions, Life, Liberty, The pursuit of happiness, and FREEDOM!

"Out of my distress I called on the Lord; the Lord answered me and set me free."

Psalm 118:5

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