The lesson we should take away from this election:

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

One thing is for sure, we need better election integrity. While we are doing more and more every year to increase the integrity in our election process it is clear there as some serious deficiencies and questionable things that should be non-partisan issues and fixes. It is clear that it was a bad idea to have unsolicited mail in voting. According to Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, 1.1 million dead people are confirmed to have received stimulus checks. If the government can't even keep track of where it is literally sending over a million dollars in supposed relief, how on earth could they possibly send out unsolicited ballots with no issue? Not only do people die, they move, change their names, and change many other things that can effect their eligibility to vote. Nationwide, unsolicited mail in ballots certainly cannot account for it all. In some places like California the ballots are nearly asking to be fraudulently submitted.

California allows ballot harvesting, a process which allows nearly anyone to collect your ballot and turn it in for you. One of my main concerns with this process is their flagship scenario, nursing homes. It allowed the elderly to fill out their ballot, give it to someone that would collect the ballots of the entire nursing home, and the ballot harvester would turn in the filled in ballots for the senior citizens living in the home. In what way is this not rife for issues? What is to say that the harvester is turning in any of those ballots at all? What stops this individual from asking who the senior voted for and, if not liking the answer, putting that ballot aside and not turning it in? Also in California, the ballot harvesting issue is compounded by the fact someone can walk up to your mail box, steal the ballot, fill it out, sign it, and turn in the ballot as a harvester as there is also no signature validation. Couple this with the fact that the Democratic party has been stuffing ballot boxes as tradition for years. Famously enough to the point that LBJ lamented to FDR about his failed attempt to stuff the ballot boxes more than his competitor for the US senate to the point that FDR told LBJ to sit on the ballot boxes.

It seems to me the most logical wat to go about ensuring election integrity is finding a simple, cost effective way to have a voter ID. We already require about 49.2% of our population to sign up for the draft. If you make the draft registration a voter ID registration that compulsory after turning age 18. So Men would be required to sign up for the draft, take a picture, and be issued a federal identification card. Women would be only required to take the photograph and apply for the federal identification card. Doing this at no charge to the American people would allow us to federally require photo ID to vote. This step will at least ensure that all people that wish to vote can, and those who wish to impersonate others to vote cannot. It seems like this, or something similar, can assist us in locking up the ballot box, prevent ballot box stuffing, be able to issue federal identification to better keep track of the citizenry of the united states, and assist those that cannot afford a photo ID to get some form of photo ID that is nearly required in he functioning of day to day life in the United States.

"Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need."

Hebrews 4:16


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